Clear Toy Candy Terms
  • Barley Sugar  - From the FDA - Available information indicates that when sugar is heated to 160oC. (320oF.) it melts without loss in weight, and congeals on cooling, to a transparent amorphous yellowish mass which becomes gradually opaque on the surface from the formation of minute crystals, and that the resulting product is sometimes referred to as barley sugar. A second source of information states that when rock candy is heated to 185oC. (365F.), it melts into a viscid, liquid, which on being suddenly cooled forms a transparent mass called barley sugar. It is apparent that the term barley sugar is being loosely applied to a product which is not now prepared even in part from barley. We doubt that the term has a derived meaning which would make it understandable to the purchaser, although it may be understood by sugar technologists.

  • Cream Of Tartar  - Potassium bitartrate, also known as potassium hydrogen tartrate.  It is an acidic powder that keeps sugar syrups from crystallizing. It is a byproduct of the wine making industry.

  • Corn Syrup - A sweet syrups used as modern replacement for cream of tarter.  It is made of cornstarch that have been converted by enzymes. It prohibit crystallization of sugar while cooking. When Karo first came to the market in 1902 it was corn syrup (today it contains high fructose corn syrup).

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